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Safety Tips & Risk Control

Considerations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are rapidly moving from strictly military applications to having civilian uses. Entertainment productions, including film, news and sports and live event production are areas that can greatly benefit from the low-cost capabilities offered by UAS. But as with any new technology there are risks that should be considered.
Safety Tips & Risk Control

DICE Checklist

In today’s competitive Documentaries, Industrial, Commercial, Educational Films (DICE) industry, time equals money. Even a one day interruption can come at a significant cost to your production and reputation. That is why securing the proper insurance and implementing the right risk control strategies is important to achieving success.
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Media Liability Product Reference Guide

Among OneBeacon’s specialty capabilities are solutions for media liability exposures. Our dedicated media underwriting team and claims staff, including attorneys, bring you 150+ years of combined media liability experience to service your business needs
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OneBeacon Entertainment Product Profile

In the entertainment industry, multi-million dollar decisions are made each day and the insurance requirements are as varied and dynamic as the productions, events and people who seek coverage. OneBeacon Entertainment® provides specialized commercial insurance solutions, comprehensive risk control analysis and industry expertise you need to make these decisions with confidence.
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Producer Plus Liability

Where innovation meets experience to solve your media liability risk management needs. Working with OneBeacon means you can rely on an exceptionally responsive team that is highly knowledgeable about the dynamic media industry. We don’t just know media; we’re passionate about it and those who share our focus.
Safety Tips & Risk Control

Structural Failure: Could Your Theater Be Next?

Roofs and other building structures do not collapse often, but when they do the consequences can be devastating. Theatres are particularly vulnerable because they are often older or historical structures and are used as areas for public assembly.
Safety Tips & Risk Control

Working at Heights: Fall Prevention

Working at heights with aerial stunts or rigging equipment and scenery are routine activities in the entertainment industry. Accident statistics show that falls related to these activities are a significant cause of often serious or fatal injuries to entertainment production crews.